Monday, January 18, 2010

Pompeiiana XXV.8, April 1999

Content: "Laurena Collis", "The Neighborhood Fountains of Rome", "Centesimal Years Not Usually Leap Years!", "He Buried His Mistakes", "Vergil's Story of Eurydice: The Georgics", "Apollo and Marpessa" poem, "Condimentorum Puellae" poem, "I Hope You're Planning to Vote", "Fabulae ad Dormiendum Aptae" poem, "Frusta Poetica" poem, "Hades, a God of the Greeks" poem, "Pandora" poem, "Birth" poem, "Those Hurrying 'Canes'", "Quis Sum?" poem, "Minerva Helps Ulysses Go Home", "Pygmalion" poem, "My Encounter with Roman Soldiers", "The Little Giant Thief", "The Voyage" play, "The Flight of Love" poem, "The Committee for the Promotion of Latin May Have Money for You!", Roga Me Aliquid, "Ode to Medusa" poem, "The Joys of Spring" poem, "Ashen Limerick", "Catullus Revises His Dinner Invitation", "Mercury the Traveler", "For Ice Cube, Rapper, Movie Star", Ancient Greek and Roman Recipes: Pisa Porraque cum Ocimo, "Man Vs. Nation", "Cena Sapida" poem, Picturae Moventes, Carmina Optima et Eorum Auctores, "Roman History" puzzle, "Televisionis Diurnae Dramata" puzzle, "Counting on Latin" puzzle, "Nymphs and Other Famous Groups of Women" puzzle, "Ipsi Dixerunt" crossword, "Roman Potpourri" crossword, "Literally Speaking" puzzle, "Getting a Head Start with Latin" puzzle, "Noae Arca" wordfind, "Good Vs. Bad", "Quis Sum?" poem, reading comprehension questions from page one, Nuntia Utilia Eis Qui Emptitetis, comics page, answer key for teachers.

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