Friday, April 3, 2009

Pompeiiana VIII.4, March 1982

Content: The cover features Bill Gilmartin dressed as Caligula. Articles include "Pompeiianae Praefectus Salutem Dicit Litterarum Classicarum Studiosis!", "A 'Dead Language' is given a Lively Defense" by Edward B. Fiske special to the New York Times, "A Nominal Proposal" by Donna Sandage, "Feminae Bellicosae" Latin play by Kenneth Wright of Borger High School, "Try Latin" by Jon A. Lokensgard, "Conundrums", "Magister Optimus!", "Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic Wars".

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pompeiiana VIII.3, January 1982

Content: Editor Bernard Barcio is tinkering with the newsletter's format, experimenting with a tabloid layout. Articles include "Regina Elizabetha II in vada caeca trahitur", "Is Your English in Ruins? Take Latin!", "Fauns, Nymphs & Elves Invade!", "Rome's Birthday Banquet planned", "Advice for the Betrothed and Married", "Apicius's Cuisine", "When to Leap", "Omnia Mutantur" comic, "Clotho's Sewing Corner", "When to Leap", "Homeric Bard to be featured during March 5-7 Latin Weekender Conference", "Russian poet lauds Publius Vergilius Maro", "Coin adds to Shoud evidence", "Classified ads", "Gaius Mucius Scaevola" comic, "Classical Sites" cryptogram.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pompeiiana VIII.2, December 1981

Content: "Pompeiianae Praefectus Salutem Dicit Litterarum Classicarum Studiosis!", "Retrospect: The First Noels", "Paremus Saturnaliam Discipulis!", "Salvatoris Nativitas", "Music in Ancient Rome" by Peter Fuchs, Jr., Archbishop Curley Senior High School, "Fabula Lucretiae" comic by Kim Parker of E. O. Smith School, "Mirabile Dictu!: Latin Lives Again" by T. R. Reid of the Washington Post Service, "Golf Played in Roman Times" article with comic, "Conundrums", "National Latin Exam", list of previous hosts of NJCL meetings.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pompeiiana VIII.1, September 1981

Content: On the cover, Adele Gardner adjusts a palla on Carolyn Clodfelter during the summer Latin Weekender Conference held in Indianapolis, July 17-19, 1981. Articles include "Pompeiianae Praefectus Salutem Dicit Litterarum Classicarum Studiosis!", "Pompeiiana Helps Latin Live" by Karla Taylor of the Indianapolis Star, August 2, 1981, "How Art was Displayed in Ancient Rome", "Supervir II" Latin story, "Teacher Feature: Mrs. Mary Hood, Fulton Junior High School", "Zeus" poem in English by Sally Holland of Miami Palmetto Senior High School, "New Chariathon Date Announced", "Latin Conundrums" by Danny Philbin and A. J. Michel of Hartford High School in White River Junction, Vermont, two Classics-themed poems, call for submissions to an essay contest.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pompeiiana VII.5, May 1981

Content: This issue's cover features Latin students from Hamilton Heights High School in Arcadia, Indiana, completing their manumission to become members of the Indiana Junior Classical League. Articles include "Attention Teachers of Latin" Pompeiiana summer teaching program, Fifth Annual National Chariathon announcement, "Carmina Latina" by Kathy Long of Brattleboro Union High School, "Novistine Animalia Tua?" acrostic, "Creative Materials Workshop", "The South Carolina JCL Latin Forum".