Friday, January 15, 2010

Pompeiiana XXV.7, March 1999

Content: "Heus, Iuli. Cave Idus!" play, "The Holy Stairs", "A Gift of Deception" poem, "Ya' Wanna Banana?", "The Death of Caesar" poem, "Sallust: The Doubtful Works", "Mommy Dearest" poem, "Pyramus and Thisbe", "Pandora's Box" play, "Playing Rewrite Editor", "Fire!" poem, "Tres Somni Horae Fabulae" poem, "Daughter of the Earth", "Inspiration not Translation", "Perseus Saga Abbreviated", "Latin: A Weapon for the Mind", "Latin from the Beginning", "Just Another Major Calendar Event", "Demeter" poem, "Those Illusive Latin Enrollment Figures!", "Just Like Busy Little Bees" poem, "Ave, Caesar" poem, Roga Me Aliquid, "'Dopey Dactyls' Revisited", "Takin' Latin and Lovin' It", "Latina in Vicesimum-Primum Saeculum Intrat", Ancient Greek and Roman Recipes: Cremor de Ovis et Lacte Compositus, "Saturnalia, a Smashing Success!", Carmina Optima et Eorum Auctores, Picturae Moventes, "Latin on Ice" puzzle, "Ubi Nati Sunt?" puzzle, "Loquamur Latine" crossword, "The Great American Pastime" puzzle, "The Color of Latin" crossword, Libri Optimi, "Paternal Search" puzzle, "Picture These Letters" puzzle, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" wordfind, "Prometheus" poem, "Writ in Blood" poem, "Will You Be My Friend?" poem, reading comprehension questions from page one, Nuntia Utilia Eis Qui Emptitetis, comics page, answer key for teachers.

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