Friday, April 17, 2009

Pompeiiana IX.6, February 1983

Content: "Tootsie: Femina Notissimus" (yes, THAT Tootsie), "Wolves, the Dead, Ovens & Boundaries Honored by Ancient Romans in February", The Quirinalia, "Meditations of a Slave" by Rueben Brockner of Cooper High School in Abilene, Texas, "Movus Latinus Poeta" by David Pallmerine of Hartford High Scool in Vermont, "Ad Astra Per Aspera", "First Scientists Traveling Physicians", "Latin Taught in Brooklyn Grade Schools", Cryptogram by Skip Nordhoff of Carmel High School, Indiana, "Propone Vexillum!", "Pan's Popularity Promotes Pilfering", "Nero a la Pavarotti?", "27' Long Roman Boat Found at Herculaneum!", Classified Ads, reading comprehension questions from page 1, "Budding Genius" Quiz, Latin word-find, Funky Winkerbean comic, Roman censorship, "General Fabius Barcius Joculator in his Invasion of Greece" comic by Kris Andrews of Carmel High School. Whew!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pompeiiana IX.5, January 1983

Content: "Joan Jett . . . longe venisti, Infans!", "Latin in the News" from the Chicago Tribune and the Clearwater Sun, "With All Due Respect to Columbus", "Summer Study Tour of Classical Greece", Intensive Study of Latin/Greek Offered by CUNY", "Latin Flourishes in Pennsylvania", "Treat the Whole Patient", "Roman Farmers Superior", "Titus Pontius Sabinus: A Military Career of Distinction", "To the Trojan Horse" poem by Kris Tarmczyaski", "Classified Ads", reading comprehension questions from page 1, "Unde Venerunt" game, "Budding Genius" quiz, a letter from Agricola to his family, metamorphoses.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pompeiiana IX.4, December 1982

Content: Remember Garfield? Pompeiiana Latin on page 1. "Io Saturnalia" is the other cover story. Other content includes a full-page ad for Roman dress modeled by Barcio and other Latin teachers, "Orbis Juliae Vivit" articles on modern hairstyles with a Flavian twist, Classified Ads, "Dragon Slain", reading comprehension question from the page 1 readings, "Budding Genius" quiz, "A Look at Daily Life on the Roman Frontier", "Obituary to Dragon" poem by Matthew West.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pompeiiana IX.3, November 1982

Content: This issue's cover stories include "Stephanus Martinus . . . Vir Ferus et Amens!" and "Sixth National Chariathon Largest Ever!". Other content includes, "What to do to Liven Up the Latin Classroom", "Word Word: Finding Out About Word Origins", "Travel in Ancient Rome", The Born Loser comic featuring "martinus", Classified Ads, "Kriss-Kross Latin Names" puzzle, Grammar Quiz, "Cena Pauperculibus et Properantibus", reading comprehension questions for the stories on page 1, "Budding Genius" quiz.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pompeiiana IX.2, October 1982

Content: Continuing in the tabloid style, Pompeiiana features a lead article in Latin on the films of Kenny Rogers. Other pieces include the National Latin Exam, "Eric Zorn of Chicago Tribune Explores Latin", "For Budding Geniuses", street directions to T. Sauvius Agricola's apartment in Rome, "Certemus or Leaping Legions!" list of games, Conundrums, Pliny the Elder on wine, Classifieds, "How well did you read?" reading comprehension questions from this issue, "Pegasus: A Modern Myth" by Robin Walden of Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, image of an Italian postage stamp featuring Horace.