Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pompeiiana IX.5, January 1983

Content: "Joan Jett . . . longe venisti, Infans!", "Latin in the News" from the Chicago Tribune and the Clearwater Sun, "With All Due Respect to Columbus", "Summer Study Tour of Classical Greece", Intensive Study of Latin/Greek Offered by CUNY", "Latin Flourishes in Pennsylvania", "Treat the Whole Patient", "Roman Farmers Superior", "Titus Pontius Sabinus: A Military Career of Distinction", "To the Trojan Horse" poem by Kris Tarmczyaski", "Classified Ads", reading comprehension questions from page 1, "Unde Venerunt" game, "Budding Genius" quiz, a letter from Agricola to his family, metamorphoses.

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