Friday, July 31, 2009

Pompeiiana XVI.2, October 1989

Content: "Saxa Volventia in Circuitu" (Rolling Stones article), "New Clues to the Origin of Pompeian Atrium-style Houses", "Roga Me Aliquid", "Echo and Narcissus" poem, "Veni, O Magne Pepon, Da Nobis Dulcia!", "Italian Contributions to English Vocabulary", "Roman 'Round the Country", "The Fatal Wine" poem, "Poly's Preparations", "Maenad Mania", "Arma" poem, "The Sirens" poem, "Roman Roads", "The National Pedifollis League Hodie", "Etruscan Art", "Virtuous Women of Early Rome", "Computer Latin", "Helen of Troy" poem, Comics page, "Baking with Modestus", "The Poetic Genius of Catullus", "The Poison" poem, Classified Ads, Carmina Optima eorum Auctores, "A 'Ph'ony" Word Search", "How Well Did You Read?", "Spectacula in Televisione", "Sink Your Teeth Into This!", "Greco-Latin Crossword", "Caesar's Puzzle", answer key for teachers.

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