Monday, July 27, 2009

Pompeiiana XV.7, March 1989

Pompeiiana Newsletter is now back from haiatus and resumes its schedule of five issues/week!

Content: "Elisabetha Mediatrix" (Bette Middler), "If You Think Julius Caesar Doesn't Matter to Us, Try Living with the Old Lunar Calendar!", "The Twenty-First Century: Let's Get It Right From the Start!", "In Memoriam: Frank Fowle II", "Latin May be Precise, but Try Getting Two Latin Teachers to Agree Precisely", "Hey, Caesar, Don't You Know Which Way North Is?", "Verus Amor", "Roga Me Aliquid", "Fun with Words", "Musae Romanae: The Tears of the Muses", "Update on Romulus' Walls", "Authentic Roman Coins Still on the Market", "Little Tullia", "Caesar Not Delivered by Caesarean Section", "Myths in Art: Nemesis", "Sing Along with Terpsichore", "Contract Cartoonists Sought for '89-'90", "Delphi", "Eau de Caesar", "Floral and Faunal Myths: The Heron, The Screech Owl, The Oak and The Linden", "Latine Loqui Libet", "A Vergilio Excitata", "The Roman News", "The Aeneid, Bk. I", "Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York", Comics page, "The Ides of March: Time for Roman Around", "Claudia's Kitchen", "Latin Class Euphoria", "Derivative Temple Drawing", "The Only English Film Ever Made in Latin", "Poemata Brevia", Classified Ads, Carmina Optima et Auctores Eorum, Budding Genius quiz, "Vocational Placements" puzzle, "Children's Books" puzzle, "Televisionis Spectacula" puzzle, "Labyrinth" puzzle, "A Slave's Quest" puzzle, "Deponent Verbs" puzzle, answer key for teachers.

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