Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pompeiiana III.3, December 1976

The cover of this issue features Santa (at the Glendale Shopping Center in Indianapolis, Indiana) wearing a Roman helmet while listening to a girl in a toga recite her Christmas wishes.

Contents: "Pompeianae Praefectus Salutem Dicit Litterarum Classicarum Studiosis", "Christmas: Our Heritage from the Past", "Sounds of Latin" poem, Photo of a booth at the Foreign Language Fair by Latin students of St. Andrew's Priori School in Honolulu, Hawaii (featuring Carolyn Chong and Dorry Wollstein), Photos of modern students wearing ancient clothing, "12 Days of Christmas" in Latin by Jeff Dohner, Jeff Calder, Steve Etter, and Debbie Privett, students of Nancy Mack of Wayne High School, "Second Annual Chariathon for Latin", "Notae Miscellaneae", "Santus Nikolas Vivit" (Yes, Virginia) from the New York Sun, September 21, 1897, "The Latin Langauge" by Fr. Tom O'Mahoney, Classic Ads.

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