Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pompeiiana III.2, October 1976

Contents: "Pompeiiana Praefectus Salutem Dicit Litterarum Classicarum Studiosis", "Problems of Philosophy" poem by William D. Nolan, "She Makes Latin Livelier" newspaper article by Beth Dunlop on teacher Mary Machado (Miami Herald, April 30, 1976), "Latin CB" comic, "Built-in Urban Decay Could Save Billions" article from the Indianapolis Star, August 18, 1976, "Et Tu" comic, "The Modern World May Profit Much by the Experience of the Romans; It Cannot Afford to Disregard the Lessons they Learned" article, "Heart Cry from Troy" poem by Gertrude Johnson, "A Typical Thanksgiving Dinner Menu in Latin" article and comic

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