Friday, January 29, 2010

Pompeiiana XXVI.8, April 2000

Content: "Carolinus Brown, Snoopius, Linus, Lucia . . . quo modo eorum umquam oblivisci possum?", "The Pagan Priest in the Vatican", "Fencing Battle Sees Perseus Victorious", "Apollo Reports Sun Chariot Stolen", "Auriga Resigns from Whites Team", "Cicero, It is Thee I Emulate", "Buffy: No Match for Lamia", "Coins of the Roman Empire", "Argus: The Real Story . . . Sort Of", "And That's Why Spring Has Come Again: A One-Act Skit", "Exclusive Interview with the Founder of the Greatest City Ever Built", "Archaeology Confirms Ancient Literary Record", "Happy Birthday, Roma!", "After the Big One", "Radio news", Roga Me Aliquid, "In the Steps of Alexander", "Conversations with Socrates", Ancient Greek and Roman Recipes: Acetaria ex Cucumeribus, "Latin: Multicultural and Interdisciplinary", Ludi Apti ad Discendum, "The Real Founder of Rome", reading comprehension questions from page one, "Thesaurus Rerum Quae Magistris Utiles Sint et Quae Teneant Illos Qui Latinam Ament", comics page, answer key for teachers.

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