Monday, November 23, 2009

Pompeiiana XXIII.5, January 1997

Content: "Nostra Angela Recentissima", "A series of fictional letters written from Roman women to men", "Ferias Agamus: Let's Party", "Bacchus: Once Again Popular on College Campuses", "Grammaticus Romanus", "Icarus" poem, "Latin Web Surfers Growing at an Alarming Rate", "Hierosolyma", "Neat Seats and More", "Local Hero Missing!", "The Street Tap . . . A Roman Institution", "How the War Started!", "Heroes and Heroines", "Women's Occupations at Home", "The Night, the Wind, and the Egg" poem, "Betrayal of the Bats", "In the Beginning" poem, "Roman Glass for Latin Class, Part I", "Sulpicia: Poetess of Rome", "Arachne" poem, Libri Optimi, "Latin Phrases" puzzle, "Colloquium Tribunalis Iudicis" puzzle, "Cursus Equorum" puzzle, "Quis Sum?" puzzle, "Clueless Crossword", Picturae Moventes, Carmina Optima et Eorum Auctores, "Inductive Mythology" puzzle, "Myth Monsters" puzzle, "Nothing at Which to Sneeze" crossword, "Ubinam Gentium Sumus?" wordfind, "Nulius Locus Domo Similis Est" puzzle, "Roman Gladiators: Entertainmen, Justice, and Murder, Part 1", "Why I Would Rather Be Candidate for American President than a Roman Candidate for Consul", "Dion, A Sacred City at Mt. Olympus", "Cantemus Latine", "Lingua Latina" poem, "Ancient Greek and Roman Recipes: Edamus Piscem!", "Time to Depart", "My Love's Love" poem, "Mosaic Madness", "Pandora's Plea" poem, "The Invention of the Candle", "Rome Falls for Failing to Address its Energy Shortages", reading comprehension questions from page one, Ministeria Conducibilia & Res Venales, comics page, answer key for teachers.

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