Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pompeiiana XXII.6, February 1996

Content: "Fabula de Oblectamentis Puerorum", "Tivoli: A Refreshing Pause", "The Gracchi: Defenders of the People", "Latin Phrases Save the Day at Pompeii", "Singing to a Different Tune", "False Bravado", "The Triumph of the Arch", "Figlina", "Narcissus and Echo" poem, "Roman Rhymes", "The Sphinx's Riddle", "Weapons and Tactics", "Rome Versus Carthage", "It's a Bird! It's a Bee! No, It's a Hummingbird!", "Shoes, Boots, and Sandals", Roga Me Aliquid, "Tempestas Roxanna", "Roman" poem, Carmina Optima et Eorum Auctores, "Monstra" puzzle, Libri Optimi, "Partes Corporis", "Common Knowledge" crossword, "The House of Atreus . . . Pride Comes Before the Fall!", "Connect the Dots" puzzle, Picturae Moventes, "Searching for the First Declension" wordsearch, "In Aliis Litteris" crossword, "Coquamus Romane", "Publius Ovidius Naso", "Regulus, The Champion" poem, "Castel Gandolfo . . . Then and Now", "The 'With' Ablatives: You Can't Survive Without Them", "Obituary for Adonis" poem, "Venus" poem, reading comprehension questions from page one, Cavenat Emptor Vendorque, Comics page, answer key for teachers.

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