Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pompeiiana XXII.2, October 1995

Content: "Mortui Grati Vesustiores sunt -- Desistentne autem de symphoniis?" (Grateful Dead), "Military Armor and Uniforms", "Walking on Holy Ground", "New Adventures of Jason and the Argonauts", "Marcus Tullius Cicero", "Arion and the Dolphin", "Scriptio", "Know Your Capitals: A Guide to Greek Architecture", "Similarities Between Masada and the Jonestown Tragedy", "Asclepius" poem, "Stresa and Lago Maggiore: Then and Now", "Romulus and Remus", Roga Me Aliquid, "Grammar Glossary: The Bare Basics", "Aeneas Meets the Harpies" poem, "Roman Kings" puzzle, "Latin Baseball" puzzle, "Latin is Puzzling" puzzle, "The Trojan War" crossword, Libri Optimi, Picturae Moventes, "Symbol Matching" puzzle, "Origin of the Universe" puzzle, "Military Fashion Matching" puzzle, "Ugly But Effective! Mythological Beasts", "Dia Deaeque" crossword, Coquamus Romae, "Classical Greek Clothing", "Medusa" poem, "The Persian Wars. Who Wants to Hear a Good History?", "Egyptian Queen" poem, "Trading" poem, Caveant Emptor Vendorque, reading comprehension questions from page one, comics page, answer key for teachers.

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