Friday, October 16, 2009

Pompeiiana XXI.4, December 1994

Content: "Cuniculus Parvus Qui Saturnum Vidit", "Pompeii: A Survivor's Account", "Latin Now Cruising the Information Highway", "The Quest for the Golden Yak", "Jason and Medea in the Nineties" poem, "Mrs. Claus, Thy Time Has Come, and Apparently Passed", "Old St. Peter's", "How Are You Doing in Latin", "Are Your Classes Tired of S.O.S.?", "Footprints in the Earth", "The Fat, Hairy Women of Pompeii", Roga Me Aliquid, "Arachnophobia" poem, "Don't Pen Epitaph for Latin Just Yet", "Leto Explains Why Temples are Built", "De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum" poem, "Haec Domus Vetus" crossword, "Cryptoquote" puzzle, "Picturae Moventes" puzzle, Picturae Moventes, "States and Their Flag Mottos" puzzle, Carmina Optima et Eoarum Auctores", "Take It Slow: Stuff You Should Know" puzzle, "Emperor Scramble", "Gods, Goddesses and Characters" puzzle, "Carmina Latina" puzzles, Libri Optimi, "Latin Rebus", "A Life in Brief: Cicero", "Finding New Life in a 'Dead' Language", "Where's Arachne?", "The Diary of Spartacus", "Dextro Pede", "Hector" poem, "Attack of the Laestrygonians" puzzle, "Latin with Ms. Mitchell" poem, "Caveant Emptor Vendorque", reading comprehension questions from page one, comics page, answer keys for teachers.

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