Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pompeiiana XX.7, March 1994

Content: "Pueri Vaccini Iterum Atque Iterum Vincunt Sed nemo Incitari Videtur" (Superbowl XXVIII), "American Gladiators: Roman Style", "Porta Capena" song, "The Road to Glory" poem, "Roga Me Aliquid", "The House of Marcus Loreius Tiburtinus", "Rome's First Public Library", "Santa Costanza: From Mausoleum to Church", "Montessori: Greek Style", "Constantine", "Where the Boys Are: 13th Century Style", "Carmen Buranum", "Taking the Final Step From 'Translationeze' to Interesting English", "Caligula", "Ex Libris Apici", "Aphrodite" poem, "Resisting Arrest Costs Mathematician His Life", "Carmina Optima et Eorum Auctores", "Easy Latin Verb Forms" crossword, "Latin Snacks" puzzle, "Color It Latin" puzzle, "Leaders of Rome" puzzle, "Greek Divinities" puzzle, Picturae Moventes, "Latina Recognitio" crossword, Libri Optimi, "Those Friendly Roman Gods" puzzle, "Enumerate the Numerals" puzzle, "Qui Pila Circum Bases Ludunt" puzzle, "The Trojan War" puzzle, "It's Like Finding Money" puzzle, "NBA Basketball Teams" puzzle, "Ode to Mark Antony", "Salve, Nomen mihi est Magistra", "No Archaeological Evidence for Caesar's Invasion of Britain", "The Pandemonium of Spring", "Bio" poem, "Trireme Trickery", "Roma Occupata", "The Amazons" poem, Caveant Emptor Vendorque, reading comprehension questions from page one, comics page, answer key for teachers.

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