Friday, September 4, 2009

Pompeiiana XVIII.3, November 1991

Content: "Erneus Non Mortuus Est! Ne Aeger Quidem Est!" (Ernie from Sesame Street), "Scandals", "Greek Miracle or Plagiarism from Egypt", "Cena Specials", "Venus and Lepidora", "Sam I Am" poem, "Arias at the Baths", "An Interview with Theodora, Wife of the Emperor Justinian", "It's More than a Book" poem, "The Sirens" poem, "Roga Me Aliquid", "The Legend of a Champion" poem, "Your Saturnalia Gift Giving Worries are Over!", "The First Man in Rome", "Roman Dining Do's and Don'ts", "The Olympians" poem, "A Contest Between the Gods", "Sr. Michael Louise Meyer", "The Life of Julius Caesar" poem, "The Joys of Teaching Latin", "River God Alive and Well in Minneapolis", "Legionnaire Score Board", Classified Ads, Comics page, "Dux Femina Facti" crossword puzzle, "Clues Fit for a King" puzzle, "Match the Lovers" puzzle, "Hilly Hurdle" puzzle, "Mixed-up Emperors" puzzle, "All god's children" puzzle, Carmina Optima et Eorum Auctores, reading comprehension questions from page one, answer key for teachers.

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