Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pompeiiana XIX.7, March 1993

Content: "Lucas Perri" (Luke Perry), "Pennsylvania Politicians Threaten to Strap Latin and Greek Studies to the Procrustean Bed of Oral Proficiency", "Latin Grammar Scools Spreading Across USA", "Cave Idus Martias", "Roga Me Aliquid", "The Day the Statue Smiled", "Slaves or Machines?", "The Plague of the Roman Women", "Latin Students Model Roman Architecture", "Via Appia: The Pathway to Serenity", "The Danaid Daughter..." poem, "Greek and Roman Sports: Were They Our Kind of Games? poem, "Acronymics", "Unforgettable Breeze", "Potesne Conicere Quis Hic Fuerit?", "Latin's Not Dead" poem, "The Walters-Hercules Interview", "In Memoriam: Egyptian Style", Carmina Optima et Eorum Auctores, "Searching for Legalities" puzzle, "Marcus Aurelius" puzzle, "Getting Your Grammar Together", "English Derivatives of Publicus, -a, -um" crossword, "Jason and the Argonauts" poem, "Libri Optima", "Divine" word search, "Restaurant Paraphernalia" puzzle, "Tituli Negotiales" puzzle, "Mystery Message" puzzle, "TV Shows" puzzle, "Scrambled Feminine Colors" puzzle, "Moving Rome to the Next Saeculum", "Aeneas and Dido for Life", "First Battle", "New Mill Revolutionizes Grain Market", "Child of Egypt" poem, "Cookin' Roman", "Recently Discovered Interviews with Gius Juilius Caesar", "Osiris" poem, "You Are So Greedy" poem, "Spring Song", "Caveant Emptor Vendorque", reading comprehension questions from page one, comics page, answer key for teachers.

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