Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pompeiiana XIII.6, February 1987

Content: "Minima Vertrix" (aka Tina Turner), "Romans not 'Dead Heads'", "Latin Club Teaches 'Societas'", "And if I'm Elected . . .", "Mythology: The 'Psychologist's Couch' of the Romans", "Disci Summi et Auctores Eorum", "Dialecticae", "When the Statues Come Out to Play" poem, "Quanti Sunt?" puzzle, "Code 'In Schola' Puzzle", "VerbaVerbaVerba" crossword puzzle, Classified Ads, "School Board Reinstates Latin in the Curricula of two Cedar Rapids, Iowa, High Schools", "Myth of the Month: Phaethon's Mad Adventure", "Something Sweet Began in Rome Centuries Ago", "Roga Me Aliquid", "Cooking with Claudia", "Regius Color Purpureus", "Florida Middle School Sold on Latin", Budding Genius quiz, reading comprehension questions from page one, answer key for teachers.

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