Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pompeiiana XI.5, January 1985

Content: The lead article for this issue is a Latin discussion of the David Lynch movie, Dune. Also in this issue, "Roman Impluvia & Frigidaria Presage Christian Baptismal Fonts", "Aenigma Verborum" crossword by Katie Callaghan, "Latin -- Your Clue to Accurate Understanding" by Bernice Fox, "Conundrums" by Bernard Szymczak, "Latin Similitudes" by Wilma Sukapdjo, "Sing Along with Sempronia", "Tres Libri Qui Magistris Bene Notandi Sunt", "The Aeneid:pars IV" by Sister Michael Louise, Classified Ads, "Minerva" poem by Jeffrey Nast, "Beatum Initium Anni", "Cooking with Claudia", Budding Genius quiz, reading comprehension questions for page one, "VIII Disci Summi et Auctores Eorum, answer key for teachers.

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