Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pompeiiana XI.1, September 1984

Content: "Ruptores Lemurum" (aka Ghostbusters) is above the fold, followed by "Quote the Raven, 'Ave, Caesar victor imperator: Preposterous Pets of the Romans", "C if You Can Match the C's", "Word Search Mania", "Eighth National Chariathon for Latin", "Cognoscisne Televionis Spectacula Latine Scripta?", "Multiple Choice Research Teaser", "Minnesota Congressman Lauds Latin", "Sing Along with Sempronia", "Clotho's Sewing Corner", Rebus puzzlers, "Bored by Toothpaste?", Classified Ads, "Roman Restaurant 'Discovered' in Trier", "Cooking with Claudia", "Budding Genius" quiz, reading comprehension questions from page one.

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