Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pompeiiana V.2, November 1978

Contents: On the cover we see Latin students of Pat Cupp from Clay Junior High School in Carmel, Indiana, celebrating their winning of the Caterva Optime Induta prize. Articles include, "Pompeiianae Praefectus Salutem Dicit Litterarum Classicarum Studiosis", "ACL President Proposes Aggressive Goals for the Supporters of Classical Studies in America", "A Candid Review of Pompeii A.D. 79" by Nick Mack of Wayne High School, "How to Create a Mosaic Masterpiece", "79 AD Comic", "Indianapolis Raceway Park Hosts Second National Chariathon for Latin", "You Don't Wish to Fight?" poem by Bryan Hurt.

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